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Management Accounts and Business Review


Accurate, timely and useful financial information is key to managing any business. Managers are then able to react quickly to how the business is performing rather than crossing their fingers and hoping it will all come right in the end!

We produce and present valuable information to help you steer your business in the right direction. We explain the story behind the numbers and translate the accounts into something that is meaningful to you.

It goes without saying that all businesses need to meet their reporting and tax requirements in order to survive, however, that’s only a small part of the bigger management picture.

What’s the point, for example, of advising on the best way to reduce the tax bills if those bills can’t be paid anyway because of bad cash flow management? ABM can give you up to date information to help you manage your cash flow and give you that all important advice on how to get your customers to pay on time.

Are you confident that your different sources of income are generating good profits? Accurate and timely management accounting information can help you to decide where to concentrate your efforts in order to maximise the returns from your business.

Whether you require a full management accounting service to help you reach your goals, or just some pointers in the right direction, ABM can help. Please call on 01642 52802 or email Loraine@teessideaccountants.co.uk to find out more.